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The Blackwell family has been traced back to the slave auction block dating back to 1735. An African woman named Amar and her daughter Tab were purchased by a white plantation owner by the name of James Glenn Blackwell.

Amar and Tab were of the Mali and Songhai Empires and were taken from the Gold Coast (Modern Day Ghana) on the Doddington Slave Ship (Voyage ID# 92347) on October 1st, 1734, and they arrived in Yorktown, Virginia on June 18th, 1735. In Yorktown, Ama was sold to a tobacco farmer named “James Glenn Blackwell” who took her to work on a plantation in Lunenburg County, near the North Carolina border. Tab became an efficient chamber maid, cook and housekeeper under the apprenticeship of her mother Amar on the plantation in Yorktown, Virginia. Tab was separated from her mother Amar, and the then-familiar plantation in Yorktown, Virginia.

In 1753 she was given to Robert Blackwell of Lunenburg County, Virginia, by his father, James Glenn Blackwell. (The inventory of Robert’s estate affirms that Tab was a woman in his household in Lunenburg County, Virginia, valued at $30 in 1787. (Will Book 3, pp. 349 and 360, Lunenburg Court House, Virginia). Odofo (Jack), an African of the Ashanti ethnicity in West Africa, was brought to Virginia in the mid-18th Century.

He was bought by James Goodwin of York County, Virginia, from a man named Burras. Odofo was hired out to Robert Blackwell of Lunenburg County, Virginia, in circa 1753. Robert took Odofo to his plantation in Lunenburg County where he lived and worked and married Tab. Tab was left without a husband when James Goodwin died in 1757, and left Odofo to his son, Peter Goodwin, who took Jack to King William County, Virginia. Odofo died in Prince Edward County, Virginia, and Tab died in Lunenburg County, Virginia. They had four children: Harry, Lucy, Will, Siller, and Lucky (Sucky).
After 290 years, an ancestor has been reincarnated and a chief has finally emerged, with the blood of Blackwell slaves – Yah Kwame Kariuki Nii Ayi Kushi Amaa Blackwell (Yahu Blackwell).

Yahu holds direct lineage to the Gadangme, The Ashanti, The Mali and Songhai Empires as well as the Kikuyu Anjiru Clan. In September 2023, Yahu Blackwell will be enstooled as Osu Noryaa Mantse (The Development King At Large) by HRM Nortey Nii Nortey Owuo IV and will be globally recognized as the first Ghanaian (Ga Dangme) from the Diaspora to sit on the Osu Lumoi stool.

Seers of the Anjiru clan call him “The Three world” because he is a child of Ghana, Kenya, and America.

Yahu Blackwell grew up in Baltimore, Maryland (USA) and is a heavyweight professional boxing champion who is ranked by the WBC and WBA. He is also a multi restaurant franchise owner, owning some of the top US brands such as:

– Rita’s Italian Ice

-Auntie Annes Pretzels

– Qdoba Mexican Grill

– Jamba Juice and more.

Blackwell is also a real estate developer and creator of fitness supplement products; the newly crowned chieftain has an estimated net worth of 10 million (USD).

Yahu Blackwell’s royal compound is in the process of being built in the Aburi Mountains (Ghana). Projects are already in motion for the benefit of the Osu people. Ahead of his enstoolment, there are discussions being held concerning a drone Aviation program, STEM program, as well as the groundbreaking break of a brand new science lab.

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