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Latest DEMAC report: “Diaspora Organizations and their Humanitarian Response in Somalia”

Humanitarianism requires an approach which involves the whole of society; and diasporas who are typically fast responding stakeholders need to be part of these systems. In order to have great impact and sustainable solutions, we need to collaborate and work together towards similar goals in providing humanitarian assistance to those in need.

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Diaspora Digital Feature in Routed Magazine: Breaking diaspora engagement barriers through effective media communications

The role of Media in bridging the communications gap in diaspora engagement has been acknowledged, but not effectively utilised. Traditionally known mass communication mediums have been complemented in this digital era by omnichannel platforms with avenues such as online magazines, mobile apps, blogs, podcasts, data directories and so on.

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Women of Africa Network – Championing the Cause of Female Entrepreneurs on The Continent

The contribution of women entrepreneurs to African economies is very vital to the growth and development of the continent. A 2021 Mastercard Index of Women Entrepreneurs (MIWE) which examined progress in fifty-eight economies representing 80% of the world’s female workforce revealed that the disproportionate impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has had an adverse effect on women entrepreneurs globally. MIWE’s 2020 report also ranked Uganda (39.6%), Botswana (38.5%), and Ghana (36.5%)…

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Book Review – The Fear of Confidence by David Alto

Every one experiences fear at one point in their life’s journey. It is something that influences decisions for good and for bad; and one’s attitude towards it can determine success or failure. For members of the LinkedIn community David Alto is well known for providing Resume, LinkedIn, and Interview Coaching services specializing in getting his clients past the evil resume bots.