About the Diaspora Digital Foundation (DDF)

Humans are interconnected in many ways, and so we need to support and look out for each other. The Diaspora Digital Foundation (DDF) believes in impacting lives positively as much as we can by improving the well-being of those in need.

Although we offer assistance within our means to individuals and communities worldwide, we take special interest in the affairs of underprivileged women and children. We support them with basic needs such as healthcare, shelter, educational items, clothes, food supplies, etc in line with our literacy and well-being initiatives. If you would be interested in partnering with us to provide these items, or would like us to donate to your community, please email us: media@diasporadigitalnews.com.


Support a Child with Dyslexia, (December 2021 – Ongoing)

Diaspora Digital Foundation (DDF) in partnership with the African Dyslexia Organisation (ADO) is spearheading the drive to support children with dyslexia.

By donating to the Africa Dyslexia Organisation, you will be supporting with funds which will go into the creation of resources and materials that will be designed to meet the needs of dyslexic individuals. In addition, they will also assist in the building of a Dyslexia Learning Resource Centre. The organisation aligns with the UN Sustainable Development Goal 4 on education to achieve diversity and inclusion for all children.

Mum and Child Hospital Discharge Initiative, (December 2020 – Ongoing)

In line with supporting the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) number 3’s target for Good Health and Wellbeing, Diaspora Digital Foundation is initiating a charity drive to raise funds to support new mothers who cannot be discharged from hospital because they are unable to pay their medical bills after child delivery. Support us by donating to this worthy cause.

COVID-19 Public Awareness Campaign, March 2020

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