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“Discount on travel packages for a group of 2 or more” is a popular advertising strategy of travel companies which works well with most patrons, and often proves to be a much more fun and cheaper option. However, if you consider the value and returns of travelling alone, you’ll find out that it isn’t costly after all in terms of value for money. So, what are some of the advantages of travelling solo?

  • Find your independence

Life can take you along certain paths which can result in thinking you will always be dependent on people. This is mostly caused by fear, and closely associated with Autophobia. As an opinion, people are used as channels to facilitate events and activities connected to your destiny; hence you can only be fully dependent on God. Travelling solo can help fight your fears of being alone, especially when you visit a destination where you don’t have family nor friends. This will also make you more confident.

  • Toughen your mindset

Travelling solo makes you a decisive thinker. Certain situations can occur that will leave you with no option than to think on your feet. It is easy to switch to survival mode which may be out of your comfort zone; and the final decision will depend on what you choose to do.

  • Restores your faith in humanity

Everyone who has travelled solo before has their own story to share; some good, some bad. It is important to be security conscious at all times during your travel. With that being aside, there have been many success stories of travelers who have received help in different forms which came in handy at the time. Experiencing different cultures will teach you that humans around the world have too many things in common to tolerate barriers such as tribalism and racism.

  • Relax

If you need to take time off to reinvigorate, know yourself better or even plan ahead, then travelling solo may be the thing for you. For workaholics, this can be refreshing. For those looking for adventure you’ll be forced to learn the techniques of good planning and how to manage money, time, schedules and safety issues. It is an opportunity to put work or stress behind you, enjoy some scenery and appreciate life more in a different perspective.

  • Appreciate differences

People around the world have several traits in common, but there are differences in laws and cultures which result in different experiences. Generally, travelling helps you appreciate globalization, respect the culture and tradition of others; whilst allowing you to see the other side of life from another perspective. Travelling solo offers you the advantage of enjoying this on a lone adventure!

By: Theresa R. Fianko