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The world is healing after a global pandemic. These are not ordinary times. Naeomi, a special little girl in Italy wrote a letter, phoned the Police Station and read it out to them appreciating their role in the pandemic. Her random act of kindness touched the heart of the nation and inspired Commanders T and Liz, as well as Special Agents Anna and Serena to come out with a second book in the Operation COVID-ops series; “secret mission: Secret Agents of Kindness”.

The book therefore starts with a special dedication to Naeomi.

The first part of the series namely “a kid’s guide to defeating aliens- Operation COVID-19” provides information and tips on how children can become their own super heroes in the fight against the alien virus. This second part continues from there.

Special Agents of the army are called out for a Secret Mission assignment after entering a secret code on a secret website.

Remember Special Agents Serena and Anna? They are the first to address the army from their remote secret base, and remind them of what was learnt in Part One of the training manual; admonishing them to keep it in mind until the war on COVID-19 is won.

The army of superheroes is expanding by the day, as “a kid’s guide to defeating aliens- Operation COVID-19” has been extremely successful and downloaded in 67 countries to date. 

Next comes Commanders T and Liz who appear on the screen, encourages the army, and share details of the secret mission which would be in two parts.

A special tip is also shared on how to put smiles on the Helpers and Frontliners doing a great job.

Mission: Secret Agents of Kindness

This special mission embraces the concept of thinking about other people and showing them kindness.

The mission comes in two parts: one that can be done by the children who are also superheroes of the army, and the other with the help of grown-ups.

“We don’t do kind things to get something back”

This is a direct quote from the book, which is in itself a life principle relevant at all times. Reading on, our amazing Special Agents explain why.

Members of the army of Special Agents are encouraged to accept this mission, as kindness “is a reward all by itself”.

Special Agents Anna and Serena appear on the screens one more time.

Mission 1

Anna, who is also the Editor of this book provides four secret acts of kindness which are home missions.

Mission 2

Serena steps up to talk about five secret acts of kindness which are outside missions. She is the illustrator for this book, and so provides her tips from the angle of Arts.

To end an interesting read which is also available in ten language translations, Commanders T and Liz summarize beautifully with encouraging messages for children and the youth in general, with a belief that this mission will be accepted by the growing army of Special Agents to change the world.

Now all Special Agents must take action and get ready for the release of “COVID OPS 3: a kids’ guide to going back into the world” which is coming soon!


The Franklin and Tariello families joined forces from across the ocean to take on a secret mission, which was to train all children on how to be superheroes in the current war against COVID-19. Dozens of volunteers from all around the world have translated the books into languages to empower the children of their own countries.

Book written by: Elizabeth Franklin with Anna Franklin, Ilario Tariello and Serena Tariello.

Visit for more information, and to download the series.

Email Commander T and Commander Liz at

Image Credit: Copyright © 2020 Elizabeth & Anna Franklin and Ilario & Serena Tariello

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