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Rwanda’s President, Paul Kagame has told members of his country’s diaspora that even though they migrate to different countries, Rwanda should not leave them.

He was speaking at 11th edition of Rwanda Day in Washington D.C on Saturday, February 3, 2024 at a gathering of over 4,000 diasporans and their affiliates. The event was held under the theme: “Rwanda: A Legacy of Inclusiveness within and beyond Our Borders.”

Reiterating his point using the country’s 1994 genocide as a reference point not to waste lessons learnt from the tragedy, he said: “through those difficulties, we have endured, we have survived and we want to do just as much to be better human beings, to be where we want to be – where some people in other parts of the world have taken for granted, we will be there no matter what.”

Rwanda’s population, in-country and abroad, is averagely 30 years old, and Mr. Kagame had this to say to them:  “The young people of our country, we want to be able to rely on you, to believe in you and get a sense that you’ve been brought up in a manner that is going to be meaningful and put Rwanda in a place it deserves to be. It is upon you and the choices you have to make. Business, politics, philanthropy, faith organization, and many more, we welcome you. Thank you for many things you are doing but we have to be aware that there is more expected from all of us.”

The event which saw participants gather to reflect on the country’s development and different avenues through which they can make their contributions also featured a ‘meet the president’ session where members of the Diaspora and friends of Rwanda interacted with the President; giving votes of thanks, asking questions, and making suggestions.

Source: Alice Kagina, The New Times Rwanda

Edited by: Theresa R. Fianko.