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Networking is a great way of engaging the international community for advancement and development of its diasporas. In 2017 GlobalWelsh was founded as a nonprofit organisation in Wales, with its headquarters in Cwmbran, Torfaen.

The core mission of GlobalWelsh is to help its country and people wherever they are be it locally or internationally, through successful individual and collective community building. With this in mind, the organisation hopes to connect a community of 1 million people with an affinity for the Celtic nation.

By connecting people around the world with a passion for Wales, it has managed to gather a membership base from over 50 countries who are committed to sharing their skills, knowledge and opportunity for the development of the community and nation at large.

The country of Wales is known for its rich cultural heritage and ancestry. Its diaspora is mainly spread across the United States, Canada, England, Australia, Scotland and New Zealand.

Another thing that GlobalWelsh seeks to achieve is to tell the stories of numerous Welsh people overseas who have achieved so much, so as to celebrate them and also inspire future generations that they can fully utilize their capabilities to produce a positive impact on the society. It also focuses on enhanced ways of promoting investment and innovation within the country and beyond by showcasing techniques which increase scale-up of businesses, for example by building ‘city hubs’ overseas.

Encouraging high net worth individuals of Welsh descent living in the diaspora to invest back into Wales is another objective of the organisation.

GlobalWelsh has a free basic membership programme which allows users to create and manage their profiles, receive news updates as well as promote events to the Welsh community. This level of membership can be upgraded at any time to enjoy even more benefits for both the young and old.

GlobalWelsh is a great platform to unite Welsh people living abroad back to their homeland; and provide them an opportunity to give back to their country as well whilst encouraging diaspora engagement. It runs a mentoring programme that enables successful Welsh people to mentor the community, especially the next generation both in Wales and overseas.

To connect with GlobalWelsh, you may visit their website or email:

By: Theresa R. Fianko

Additional Source from: GlobalWelsh Website

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