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For anyone who follows our reviews the names Commanders T and Liz, as well as Special Agents Anna and Serena are household names when it comes to the COVID-OPS series.

Well, they are back to thrill patrons for the third time with “a kid’s guide to going back into the world.”

Quintessentially, the e-book begins with a special dedication to the amazing superheroes: children all around the globe who have helped in their own way to make the world a safer place in a time of pandemic.

Secret Agents are then called out to begin a new mission and addressed by Commanders T and Liz who first have some congratulatory words, and then briefs them on the progress in the fight against the alien virus. At this stage, it looks as if the world is getting back to normal but how do Special Agents reintegrate safely in ‘army style’ properly? This is the core assignment of which they are about to be trained on.

Training is quite intensive at this point and starts with how Special Agents are going to be handling change at this point. The world is opening up again and there will be changes with family, school and the way society responds to many things. How can they manage this, and what can they do to be of help from their secret base? You will have to get a copy of the book to know more.

Next in line are Special Agents Serena and Anna who teach our superheroes special tools and tips they need to stay safe; in addition to the preferred armour that has been proven to be highly effective. If these guidelines are followed religiously, we will continue going closer and closer to winning the war against the alien virus.

As usual, this e-book even though written and properly illustrated for children can be of great benefit to adults because of the information provided, and also considering that we are dealing with a global pandemic. It all comes down to following prescribed instructions and making smart choices.

Just like the two previous editions in the COVID-OPS series, “a kid’s guide to going back into the world” is available for free download at: However, there are more exciting additions this time. It is now possible to own paperback versions of the COVID-OPS e-books in English, Italian and Spanish by making a purchase from Amazon via these links:






Books in the COVID-OPS Series

The concept of the COVID-OPS series was born when the Franklin and Tariello families “joined forces from across the ocean to take on a special mission” that will help children, who are our superheroes to win the war against COVID-19.

The e-book has been translated in English, Spanish, Afrikaans and Italian with many more to be added.

Please feel free to contact Commander T and the team if you would want to have a live book reading with them, and for any other information.

COVID-OPS 3 – a kid’s guide to going back into the world is written by Elizabeth Franklin with Ilario Tariello, Anna Franklin and Serena Tariello.

Review by: Theresa R. Fianko

Images used with full permission of Liz Franklin

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