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Routed Magazine and iDiaspora have successfully collaborated for the second time to produce a special issue on diaspora engagement.

The publication titled ‘Diasporas at the Forefront of Social Protection: Impacts, Dynamics, and Future Opportunities’ highlights how diasporas are leading the way in social protection efforts and reshaping traditional perspectives of development and humanitarianism in their communities and beyond.

In the forward of the publication, Elizabeth Warn, Head, Labour Mobility and Social Inclusion Division, IOM HQ, noted that, “limitations in migrant coverage and access have given rise to a plethora of informal measures, including those provided by transnational communities and diasporas who support their families and communities through personal networks, granting access to healthcare, education, retirement, and social security.”

She therefore hopes that this publication will “inspire to support the elevation of the voices of diaspora leaders worldwide for more favourable social protection outcomes in their communities.”

Some of the topics tackled in the publication include:

  • Youth-Led Diasporas for Gender Equality: Gender-sensitive social protection in migration contextsYasmina Benslimane
  • Indian Emigration to GCC Countries: The impact of remittances on the social protection of the migrant familySatish Kumar and Anjali Mehra
  • The Bangladeshi Diaspora: Unsung champions of confronting climate change-induced disastersMd Fazle Rabby
  • Brown Skin in White Coats: The Filipino diaspora at the frontlines of the pandemic – Romina Eloisa M. Abuan, Elora Mae G. Atos, and Katrina R. Guanio
  • Decolonisation Discourse: Perspective on Afro-BelgiansJimmy Hendry Nzally
  • Empowering the Diaspora through Solidarity and Transnational Social Protection: The Case of The Kerala Muslim Cultural Centre Farseen Ali Puthanveettil
  • Empowering Communities: The vital role of diasporas in social protection in Cameroon – Charles Simplice Mbatsogo Mebo

Editors in chief for this publication are Larisa Lara Guerrero, Transnational Communities and Digital Communications Officer at the IOM Headquarters in Geneva, and Margaret Koudelkova from Routed Magazine.

It will be recalled that in 2021, Routed Magazine and iDiaspora successfully collaborated to publish an e-book titled “Empowering Global Diasporas in the Digital Era.”

To read more, download the entire publication here:


Routed Magazine

Source: iDiaspora / Routed Magazine

Image Attribution: iDiaspora / Routed Magazine

Edited by: Theresa R. Fianko.

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