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  • Details include the celebration of Six Continental Days with 31 Consultation Sessions.
  • A Global Diaspora Assembly is to be held for organizations to dialogue on development and community support.

Updated on December 12, 2021

The highly anticipated world’s first Global Diaspora Week for all diaspora organizations will take place from 12-18 December 2021.

A virtual line up of events will be hosted by the Global Diaspora Confederation (GDC) – a movement of diaspora organizations working towards a world of unity, peace and advancement; in partnership with the United Nations International Organization forMigration (UN IOM).

The GDC estimates that there are over 200,000 diaspora organizations in the world, for the more than 250 million global diaspora population.

This year’s Global Diaspora Week will mark a central moment for the cohesion of organizations which the GDC has been working towards since its establishment.

There will be a celebration of six continental days to create a platform for diaspora organizations to share their challenges, needs, and good practices. The IOM and European Union Global Diaspora Facility (EUDiF) will be joining as observers on the Europe continental day, with the latter speaking at the event.

The Opening Ceremony will “celebrate the beginning and determination of the Global Diaspora Confederation in working with organizations in the coming years.” The ceremony will consist of keynote speeches showcasing some examples of diaspora organizations’ achievements, and launching of the 31 high-level consultation sessions.

The high-level consultation meetings joined by leaders of diaspora organizations worldwide will aim to respond to the UN 2030 Agenda, 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and the Global Compact for Migration Objective 19 according to the selected themes. This Global Humanitarian Assistance Meeting (Session 31) will discuss the hub’s future for a stronger diaspora engagement.

Organizations and partners will come together to celebrate unity at the Global Diaspora Assembly on International Migration Diaspora Day 2021.

To launch the first Assembly, there will be keynote speakers from the United Nations as well as other distinguished stakeholders. The event will also celebrate and recognize the importance of diaspora organizations that have spearheaded initiatives for their respective communities over the past decades.

This is how the itinerary of the week-long celebration looks like:

12th December 2021 – Opening Ceremony

12th December 2021 – Continental Day, Asia

13th December 2021 – Continental Day, Africa

14th December 2021 – Continental Day, Europe

15th December 2021 – Continental Day, North & Central America and the Caribbean

16th December 2021 – Continental Day, South America

17th December 2021 – Continental Day, Oceania

18th December 2021 – Global Diaspora Assembly

Kindly visit the GDC website for more details on the event’s agenda.

The Global Diaspora Confederation (GDC) is the world’s largest diaspora-led organization established for diaspora organizations. Concerned about promoting the importance of empowering these global organizations, the GDC works with a whole range of them, from refugee councils and migrant support centres to alumni professional associations.

According to information from the GDC, it exists to:

  • Help unify, support, develop and promote diaspora organizations across the world by linking with all groups interested in diaspora communities.
  • Be an influential system leader for global diasporas’ interests and to establish, pioneer, and be the authentic voice of a worldwide sector alliance of diaspora organizations.
  • To empower diaspora organizations to continually create sustainable, collaborative and positive impact for their communities and societies.

The Global Diaspora Week is expected to continue beyond 2021, providing a platform to achieve the ambitions of the Assembly.

Diaspora organisations around the world are welcome to REGISTER for an opportunity to be part of this historic event.

Visit the event website HERE.

By: Theresa R. Fianko

With Additional Information from: Global Diaspora Confederation (GDC) and Khadija Fidallah


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