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The Brown STEM Girl Foundation, and a trip to Jordan was enough to inspire 13-year-old Alena Wicker to be part of changing the healthcare system, and help to save lives.

As of today, Alena has become the youngest black person to be accepted into medical school.

The Texas/USA based teen will be attending the University of Alabama at Birmingham Heersink School of Medicine, after completing two and a half years of college at Arizona State University and Oakwood University.

With an aim of becoming a medical doctor by the age of 18, Alena initially had a vision of working for NASA after being accepted into ASU’s engineering program at age 12, a report stated. She shortly found her true passion to be in biology.

“It actually took one class in engineering, for me to say this is kind of not where I wanted to go. I think viral immunology really came from my passion for volunteering, and going out there engaging with the world”, Alena said in an interview.

She also reiterated that she wants to “leave her mark on the world and lead a group of girls that know what they can do.”

It is inspiring to see diaspora children raising the bar; and refreshing to see girls advancing in the area of STEM.

By: Theresa R. Fianko

Image/ Additional Content Attribution:  Afrotech

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