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A World Bank report has indicated that the Nigerian diaspora population remitted $65.34billion within the last three years; which also helped to boost economic activity in their homeland.

Beyond remittances however, there lies the need to focus on other important development factors such as harnessing diaspora soft power, knowledge exchange, and global best practices especially in terms of policy implementation and enterprise development to grow macro-economic indicators. With all these in mind, the largest global gathering of diaspora-based Nigerians, to connect with Nigerians back home towards the betterment of its homeland will be happening on October 2, 2021.

The Nigeria Global Diaspora Conference 2021, also known as ‘NGA Diaspora Project 40/40 Global Conference 2021’ will be live from the Center for Management Development, Magodo, Lagos; concurrently with a Zoom webinar co-hosted by the Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg, and Sweden chapters of NIDOE (Nigerians in Diaspora Organization Europe).

Typically, the number 40 marks a moment of transition, transformation and transcendence. It connotes newness, preparation, self-examination and growth. The NGA Diaspora Project 40/40 will feature 40 real stories by Nigerians in the diaspora and lessons learned. A Press Release on the Conference shed more light on the choice of “40/40” by explaining that “the upper 40 seeks to highlight the major wave of emigration history of the Nigerian diaspora specifically narrowing it down from 1981 till 2021. The lower 40 refers to the 40 diaspora stories intended to transfer knowledge and inspire change.”

Speakers at the Conference include Hon. Abike Dabiri – Chairman of NiDCOM, Kingsley Aikins – a global diaspora consultant, John Okoro – co-founder of FON, Andrew Nevin – an economist and Dr. Adebusuyi Isaac Adeniran – a UN Migration Consultant, and many more. The event will be hosted by Joy Michael of Africa Young Entrepreneurs, and moderated by Rita Isiba.

Providing more insights about the event, Executive Director and Founder of the NGA Diaspora Project 40/40, who is also the convener Adeniyi Sanusi said that: “a popular TV infomercial was run 40 years ago to influence public perception towards emigration. The lead character, Andrew insisted on ‘checking out’ of the country but was persuaded not to. Fast forward to present times, the same problems which drove Andrew out are still prevalent in our country. This is why the Nigeria Diaspora Project 40/40 seeks to map a better future for our motherland, so that history does not repeat itself in the next 40 years.”

The Conference will feature a diaspora epoch autobiography book launch by one of the founding members of NIDOE-Austria, Engr. Oluyemi Ogundele who first set his foot in Austria for the first time on October 1, 1981. The book titled is “My Diaspora Footprints.” Hardcopies of the 40 diaspora stories will also be given to all attendees at the live event in Nigeria.

Timing for Live and Online Event:

Nigeria 10am (CMD, Magodo-Nigeria)

Belgium 11am (NIDOE-Belgium &Luxembourg)

Austria 11am (NIDOE-Austria)

Sweden 11am (NIDOE-Sweden)

Register HERE for free.

For more information on the NGA Diaspora Project 40/40 Global Conference 2021, please visit their WEBSITE.

By: Theresa R. Fianko

Additional Information from: Adeniyi Sanusi & NGA Diaspora Project 40/40 Global Conference

Image Attribution: NGA Diaspora Project 40/40 Global Conference 2021

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