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A Monthly Inspirational Viewpoint of Life’s Journeys with Sonia Wignall, December 2022.

Episode Eight

Wow, here we are preparing to enter a new and exciting year, at least for some. Following many lockdowns and slowdowns, 2022 was almost a banner year of seemingly strange and unexpected new beginnings.

This year, I had the opportunity to attend Art Basel Miami Beach, one of the largest Art Fairs in the world. It included the main location, (Miami Beach, Fl), and many other on-site venues in the city. It was truly an amazing and powerful experience. Each piece of art, (including art installations), were created by an artist to tell a story, create a narrative, or send a message. We had to catch the interpretation, if we could. Each person looking at the same art image, could walk away with a different understanding of what was seen, and even a different personal monetary valuation of the work, regardless of the gallery or sale price. Hence the power of understanding, choice and perspective.

Like a visitor at a gallery, I am choosing, like many others, to see my life multi-dimensionally through the perspective of angles, colors, depth, creativity, joy, wonder, love and grace, with a very high valuation. I faced challenges throughout the year, many of which seemed insurmountable, but I made it through, and became more mindful in the process.

My heart is so very grateful for my journey, my women’s prayer group, my business partner for supporting and encouraging my transformation, and others that lifted my hands in worship and in praise when I was too weak or disjoined to do so myself. I am grateful they encouraged me to keep moving forward. Or as the Nike ad says, Just Do It”.

Our steps may be more hesitant, but we are moving forward anyway.”

–     –  Sonia M. Wignall

I am also exceedingly grateful to God for his grace, most of which was very undeserving. Thanking him for what was learned through each experience, like what I saw through each piece of artwork. In the midst of all my gratitude however, I keep in mind those whose 2022 journey was more challenging than mine, and the many that were left with unanswered prayers.

I keep in mind even the ones whose experience has not changed their perspective and mindfulness; has not been their choice of acceptance, or understanding. Those who cannot understand or process the intricacies of life, the context behind the visuals, the stories to be told, nor have the ability to view the various life angles that were created.

Yet through it all our hope can still abound. We are breathing rapidly, but still have breath. Our steps may be more hesitant, but we are moving forward anyway. Through art, and through life, I am learning to create and eventually my own valuation, change my perspective as needed, receive and give greater love, grace and acceptance to others, even if their canvas is different, duller, or more vibrant than mine.

African Proverb: “A baby on its mother’s back doesn’t know the journey is long.”

Wishing you continued personal growth and a changed perspective in 2023

Sonia M. Wignall.

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