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The Kurdistan Diaspora Confederation has hosted a dinner for Kurdish supporters in Norway, comprising politicians, intellectuals, and journalists who have aided the Kurds and Kurdistan Region when needed.

The dinner, which also doubled as a seminar is set to bolster Kurdistan diaspora relations, according to a report.

General Supervisor of the Kurdistan Diaspora Confederation, Shifa Barzani stated that they are “focused on strengthening relations within the Kurdish Diaspora abroad.”

 He also mentioned that their activities will continue in Europe and the United States.

Shifa Barzani chaired the seminar in Oslo on Thursday, April 4, 2024 which also aimed to engage with the Kurdish Diaspora in Europe and its political representatives.

Kurdistan is an autonomous region in Northern Iraq bordering the Kurdish regions of Iran to the east, Turkey to the north, and Syria to the west, along with the rest of Iraq to the south.

Source: Kurdistan24

Edited by: Theresa R. Fianko