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Registrations for the 2024 Luum Awards are now open, but the big news is that, for the first time, an advertising festival will unite award-winning creatives from around the world for activities designed to make the planet and society better as part of its award ceremony.

These activities will take place in Peru, in the Sacred Valley of the Incas, and conclude with a visit to Machu Picchu, one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World, and one of the world’s most-popular tourist destinations. 

Switzerland will continue to host the judging portion of the Luum Awards. A select group of judges will gather at the Hilton in Geneva to select the winners of the fourth edition of the festival. The participants, invited guests and winners of Luum 2024, will be invited to volunteer with a local and international NGOs in the Cusco-area that work on issues related to childrens’ health, the environment and wildlife, and the socio-economic development of women from andean communities. 

In addition, participants will be able to support these and other NGOs with their creative campaigns after the event.

Mauricio Rodríguez Vargas, the leader of the Creatives and Strategists for a Better World (CSBW) Initiative, and CMO of the Luum Awards, says Luum’s new format was inspired by the thought that “if we are only dedicated to promoting and positioning brands or products, we will be professionals fulfilling a marketing task. But if, in addition to this, we are building actions and communications for a better world: we will be authentic global agents of change.” He emphasizes that: “Becoming true change agents in the communication [sector], is not just about designing pieces for a portfolio. It’s clear to us that millions of lives could even be saved, with sincere and purposeful communication.”

Luum will host its event at a cultural center belonging to VidaWasi, a non-profit, non-governmental organixation that is building a children’s hospital for low-income families in the Sacred Valley of the Incas, a región with many communities in-need. Therefore, the expenses paid for the event will go to support the children’s hospital.

Luum Awards: A new global benchmark for purpose-driven advertising

It should be noted that the Luum Awards rewards creative communications that promote social and environmental issues. The festival format allows agencies to submit up to five entries without paying any sort of entry fees. Agencies may, however, pay for additional case submissions. Only the winners pay award royalties.

The participants can upload their cases in one of the festival’s 8 categories: Causes, Society, Planet (wildlife protection), Health and Wellness, Human Rights, Institutional Communications, Designs for a Better World and the Essence of the Message.

During last year’s edition, 98 gold and silver medals were awarded (bronzes are not awarded), with VML winning Network of the Year, and McCaan coming in second place. The Agency of the Year was VML HEALTH Spain, New York and São Paulo, which collectively presented the multi-award winning campaign “Dogs Without Borders” for SFBO (FRENCH-BRAZILIAN SOCIETY OF ONCOLOGY). The Independent Agency of the Year, was the surprising African firm X3M Ideas, Nigeria.

The platform is currently open for agency registration and case submission at:

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