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A Monthly Inspirational Viewpoint of Life’s Journeys with Sonia Wignall.

Episode Twenty-Four

There is a wonderful scripture that reads “ Wisdom is a principal thing, in all thy getting, get understanding.” When we relate these words to the lives of our children, its meaning is not lost on us. It is not the knowledge our children gather, but it is the application of what they have learned that will make a difference in their lives. The application is learned from experience.

The influence we have over our children’s future is powerful, but can be lost or diminished if our understanding of what they need to learn and experience is incomplete, or if we are not focusing our eyes on their future.

A close friend of mine has 5 beautiful children. As I watched her and their father raise them, I noticed something very important in the way they approached parenthood. They, like another friend and her husband, raised their children very intentionally with the end goal in mind.

Both families had very limited budgets to work with, outside of the basic living expenses. What they did have in common was an intentional desire to give their children experiences that would raise their internal and external awareness and help in their holistic development.

Both sets of parents were loving, supportive and kind to their children, with a mission to raise independent, responsible adults that can make a positive contribution to humanity.

Yet they allow their children to experience the best as well as the challenging parts of life when it comes their way. They do not shield their children from responsibilities, or experiences that will help them now and in the future. They indulge their children, yes, in their basic needs. Desires, were fulfilled by adherence to boundaries and agreed upon expectations such as work, savings, etc.

The age and generation we are experiencing today, is far different from when we were in our youth. We live in a time, where anything goes as long as it is pleasing. Children are over indulged and some have little sense of responsibility much less understanding.

This message is broadcast loud and clear in every pillar of their lives. The influence of all forms of media is astounding. Our young underdeveloped children are bombarded with information, and the opportunity to participate in all manners of destructive behaviors. Adding to that is the influence of friends which can derail a child’s life and push them in the wrong direction.

Consequently we will all as a society, reap the results of young adults which are neither properly trained nor ready for “real life” responsibilities, or leadership.

Despite these grim circumstances, we as parents have both hope and influence.

God has given us resources. Our hope is in the power of prayer for guidance and wisdom. We can position ourselves to love our children unconditionally, and set healthy boundaries and expectations.

Our influence will manifest in the application of the wisdom we receive in parenting our children intentionally with the end game in mind. We can use our prayer closets to be watchmen on the walls of our homes, refusing to let the enemy of destruction in. We too can learn to be intentional in our parenting responsibilities. We owe this to our children, and their children’s future.


“It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.”

Frederick Douglas

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Sonia Wignall

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