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Vacations are opportunities to unwind and de-stress, and so planning ahead is a vital aspect of the whole experience.

Anyone travelling to a different country for vacation should do extensive research about the destination, and how tourist friendly it is.

Take time to read about the place before you go. This helps in finding your way around easily, and prevents a possible culture shock. You should be able to answer the following questions before jetting off:

  • Do I have the required documents such as visa and valid travel documents to satisfy immigration requirements? Answering this could help prevent unnecessary hassles at the airport.
  • Is the native language of the destination different from languages I am proficient in? If so, you can learn basic words and phrases that would help you get around. Doing this is quite simple as there are several language learning applications to download for free.
  • For backpackers and solo travelers, is this a safe place to travel to? Security is top on the list for travelers. After all, vacations are meant for peace of mind even if there is adventure involved.
  • For family travel, is it easy to get around especially with children? Find out about the infrastructure of the destination and whether there are facilities which would allow you to have quality family time.
  • Is it easy to communicate using your devices? Find out how easy it is to get a sim card, internet services and how compatible they would be with your devices. It is normal practice to find sites blocked in certain countries, so you should have this kind of information and download offline apps such as maps before you go.
  • How are residents and tourists expected to dress? Certain countries are very conservative in their dressing. Make sure you find out the dressing styles of the destination and be sure to respect the culture of the land you are going to.
  • Is it easy to get around? Find out about both private and public modes of transportation. Usually, areas with tourist attractions and shopping spots in most cities have good infrastructure and different modes of transportation as they are in demand. If you decide to rent a car and drive around, be sure to have all the necessary documents required.
  • Can I find a place to eat what I like? It is part of travel experience to try local food, however due to different dietary requirements, people would prefer to stick to a particular menu. Make sure you have sufficient information about eateries and their locations before you travel.

The best places to find practical information are travel blogs and review sections of travel related websites such as Trip Advisor. Best because, these websites present real life accounts of what travelers to that particular destination actually experienced.

Don’t forget to check out prevailing weather conditions so you can pack appropriate clothing to take along.

Finding information about any destination should not be difficult as people are keen to curate and share their experiences online. Knowledge is key, get this before you travel to your next holiday destination.

By: Theresa R. Fianko

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