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Lockdown due to the spread of COVID-19 first started in China’s Hubei province as far back as 23rd January 2020. This was just the beginning. It is now a global phenomenon with vocabulary such as social distancing, lockdown and home quarantine suddenly becoming the norm.

The internet has not been spared of this, and people all around the world are following social media trends probably as their solution to boredom. We picked up the following online:

Dalgona Coffee

This whipped coffee with milk is the latest Instagram food trend that has taken the internet by storm. Dalgona coffee is a beverage which can be made without a machine by whipping instant coffee with sugar in boiling water, and then pouring it on to hot or cold milk. Toppings can be added to give a different taste. This viral recipe is said to have originated from South Korea.

Internet users have been caught up in the frenzy with several show off posts online!

How to make hand sanitizer

Hand sanitizers are some of the must haves for the COVID-19 “season”. Due to shortages and price hikes in certain places, most people prefer to learn how to make hand sanitizers from their homes. There are several tutorials found on the internet to this effect, however we recommend you check out the World Health Organisation’s standards for homemade sanitizers before you give it a try.

Safe Hands Challenge

Safe Hands Challenge is a campaign started by the World Health Organisation (W.H.O) to encourage proper washing of hands in the wake of the novel Coronavirus. The trend has gone viral with several celebrities promoting the campaign to encourage people to practice proper hand hygiene.

How to make money online

It these extraordinary times, there are people who are facing layoffs and those who just need to earn some money on the side. There has been a high demand for knowledge on how to make money online whilst at home. Read our article here to know more.

When We Were Free

This social media trend, usually with the hashtag #whenwewerefree has gone viral with internet users posting throwback photos and videos of what life used to be like before COVID-19 and lockdown.

TikTok Craze

The TikTok app has seen a spike in usage as all the action seems to be happening there. There’s been challenge after challenge based on meme culture, with others just goofing around to create humour. We are hoping it would be used responsibly though.

Facebook and Instagram Live

Since social distancing must be observed as a measure to curb the spread of the Coronavirus, most people especially bloggers and vloggers have resorted to Facebook and Instagram Live features to reach out to their audience and sometimes conduct interviews.

Lockdown Diaries

Occasionally seen with the hashtag #lockdowndiaries, social media has been buzzing with users showing us what life has been, and what they have been up to each day of the lockdown.

Fitness Challenges

Staying fit whilst at home is necessary for good health, and also to be in good shape. Social Media is now full of different challenges with people showing off their daily fitness regimen.

Food Challenges

Suddenly the number of self-made chefs and baristas have increased on social media, with each showing us how good they are through trending Food Challenges. Could these be positives of the lockdown?

People have come up with creative ways to beat boredom, but for now it is important to stay home and stay safe! Which of the trends have caught up with you in the meantime?

By: Theresa R. Fianko

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