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Every economy needs a robust hospitality sector in order to cushion the lifestyle needs of its people. The sector is demanding, but highly profitable if handled properly from start to maintenance.

The restaurant business easily comes to mind when hospitality is mentioned and most entrepreneurs have ambitions of building a brand and becoming a household name in the industry.

If you are thinking of starting a restaurant business or rebranding your existing one, it is important to first speak to a restaurant consultant. Things are not always how they seem. You may have a plan and idea by looking at the model of successful brands. However, each business is different and as much as there is a lot to learn from other brands who are worthy of emulation, entrepreneurs must understand that every model is different and one must be unique in addressing certain needs of the consumer in order to remain relevant and gain competitive advantage.

Restaurant consultants are well placed to help budding brands from the initial stage of setting up till implementation. Many business people have ideas, and in their mind’s eye have a picture of how they want their expected plan to come to life. Consultancies will first take a typical person or business through the initial phase of understanding their needs. They treat their clients as partners and walk them through their ideas to their dreams. A restaurant consultant is in the best position to advice their client on the best practices for business set up; choosing a location, an Interior Designer, the branding concept, menu, marketing, through to employing the best personnel. They work out the best pricing for each client by offering them bespoke packages tailored to suit their needs. Quality should in no way be compromised during this process in an attempt to present the most competitive pricing to the Client. The end user and the environment are also kept in mind; hence sustainability is a big part of the strategy and its implementation.  A professional restaurant consultancy does not cease to be a part of the business after a successful set up. Proper management is key in remaining consistent and profitable by providing advice and implementation on solutions which specifically ensure continuous improvement for the business, hence attracting more clients whilst retaining existing ones.

The hospitality sector has been hit hard by COVID-19; however, it is likely to be one of the candidates to pick up quickly when economies start bouncing back with the right interventions and strategy.

By: Theresa R. Fianko

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