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 Your home represents your identity. Much more, now that working at home is the order of the day, you should ensure you have the set up right.

Just as you are careful about what you wear, you should be concerned about how your home office space looks like. What happens though if you have a limited budget to spend on the look of your space? These tips will help give your home office that expensive look without breaking the bank for your design decisions.

Have a Clear Vison

Knowing what you want can get you what you need. Having a clear vision gives you an understanding of what you have, and how you can use it to get what you need for your home office. When people visit you, they first form a perception about your personality based on what they see. If you want to have an interior that reflects your character, you should envision and work towards the expected outcome in order to properly manage resources. Start planning your desired style and concept from there.

Use different colours and shades

After having your style in mind, you need to decide on a colour scheme. Knowing how to combine colours and shades can give your home an expensive look. When it comes to colours, your choice should neither be too bright nor too dark. Sometimes, using the same colours in different shades presents a classic and uniform look. Colours create mood and it’s up to you to set it right in your home office. It is advisable to mix at least three shades for the desired effect. For example, having a primary colour for walls, another for bigger accents like chairs, and a third for smaller accessories. If you choose to repaint portions of your home to reflect your office space, you can use these tips to ensure proportion.

Add some Greenery

Natural items such as plants and floral arrangements add elegant touches to your home office. Using plants is a simple tip that can do wonders for your interior design. There are a number of low maintenance plants that can be bought for your home’s interior and exterior. Indoor hanging plants add beauty and life to a room; and gives an expensive look to the space.

Use Statement Furniture

Most people make the mistake of assembling too much clutter and small pieces in one room. A furniture piece does not have to be too expensive, but the design can give it that look. Make sure that they are of good quality. Ergonomics should be considered as you would be spending time working there. Get a large sofa or skirted club chairs to mix furniture sizes and styles to create a sense of balance. Interior design involves a mixture of big and small elements. If you are keeping classic pieces of antiques in your storage, this is a good time to make use of them to add a vintage touch to your home office. If you don’t have these, you can easily purchase them at low cost selling points such as flea markets.


Lighting creates mood. One of the best ways to make any room look expensive is through a combination of proper lighting techniques. In residential projects, elements look better with dim lights so it is advisable that for every light fixture in your home, you should add a dimmer switch. It is important to strike a balance, as working spaces would require some amount of light. This also helps to highlight room colours without spending much.

Your home is very much a part of you. So, deciding to add an office space and giving it an aesthetically appealing look does not have to cost you an arm and a leg. Remember the above tips every time you are looking for new ideas for your home office design. Alternatively, consult with a professional Interior Designer who would be able to help you bring the vision you have in mind to life according to your budget.

By: Theresa R. Fianko

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