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Chewing, one eats. Reflecting, one speaks.

 -Paul B. Kennedy

Paul B. Kennedy is a well-travelled and passionate chef with a passion for exploring flavors of the world in its most authentic form.

An American, who travelled to Vietnam and has since settled there, Paul has put meaning to passion by starting a ‘Vietnam Food and Culture’ portal. The website offers a variety of delicious Vietnamese recipes suited for various taste buds.

Vietnam is a young country with unique cultures. Its picturesque landscape from north to the south tells a story of its history and journey to independence.

It is also a country of flavors. As Paul puts it, “the best pineapple of your life ever is here – twenty cents for a bottle of roadside rambutan juice!”

Paul’s love for culture and food of translates into his belief that an interest in understanding the world will help everyone understand each other a little better.

<strong><em>       About Paul B. Kennedy</em></strong>
About Paul B. Kennedy

For the past thirty years Paul has been working in the restaurant business, bringing together delicious foods and atmospheres where customers could create their own memories.  Growing up in Northern Virginia, Paul went off to study hospitality management at East Carolina University, followed by culinary arts at Johnson & Wales University.  After his education he departed to New York City where he continued to establish himself in the restaurant world, while also homing in on his love of writing and photography.
In 2018, with a backpack and some inspiration, Paul cashed in his proverbial chips and took off to see the world.  The inspiration clearly worked because he never returned.  His journey of uncertainty found it’s purpose of exploring what the world has to offer.

Speaking about what sampling food from different cultures has taught him, Paul says: “To appreciate the culture, you must understand the food. To appreciate the food, you must understand the culture.”

Paul’s highly recommended first Cookbook will be available in 2022, providing a variety of popular to lesser-known Vietnamese recipes. As James Beard Winner – Best Chef of the Northeast, Chef Tony Messina puts it “from rice pyramid dumplings and salted egg chicken to taro pudding, Paul Kennedy explores the street food, heritage cuisine, colonial influences and hybrid dishes that make up Vietnam’s multi-layered culinary landscape.”

Image: A Culinary Delight by Paul B. Kennedy

A Paul B. Kennedy Must-try Recipe: Vietnamese Chicken Curry, Cà Ri Gà

Yields 4 Servings


4-8 chicken drumsticks

2 t turmeric

1 t curry

1 stalk lemongrass cut into 1-inch pieces, smashed

2 cloves garlic, minced


½ c vegetable oil, for frying

1 ½ lb potatoes, peeled, large chunks

1 large onion, yellow, peeled, sliced

3 c chicken broth, high quality

3 c pork stock, high quality

1 t curry

1 c coconut milk

2 t sugar

1 bay leaf
salt, as needed

To Complete

2 French baguettes, warmed

For Marinade

Combine marinade ingredients in shallow bowl.

Cover, refrigerate for 5 hours.

Remove chicken.

Separate the lemongrass and garlic from the marinade.

Set aside.

For Broth

Add oil to large pot, heat on high.

Add potatoes until crispy.


Set aside.

In large skillet, heat reserved marinade until shimmering.

Add lemongrass and garlic, heat until fragrant.

Add the chicken and onions, until the outside of chicken is golden brown and seared.

In a separate pot bring the stocks to a boil with curry, sugar, salt, bay leaf.

Lower temperature to medium.

Add the chicken, potatoes, onions.

Simmer for 15 – 20 minutes making sure chicken is cooked through.

Add coconut milk.

Bring to boil.

Remove from heat.

Adjust seasoning, if needed.

To Complete

Serve warm with warm baguettes.

To find out more about Paul B. Kennedy’s culinary experiences and recipes, kindly visit his WEBSITE – and follow him on TWITTER and INSTAGRAM.

Image: A Culinary Delight by Paul B. Kennedy

By: Theresa R. Fianko

With additional information from: Paul B Kennedy

Images and Recipe used with the full permission of Paul B. Kennedy


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