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A Monthly Inspirational Viewpoint of Life’s Journeys with Sonia Wignall.

Episode Fourteen

Today for the first time ever, as I listened to a historical story of a slave, I was moved to tears with heartache of what my and so many other ancestors went through during the period of slavery.

The hard labor, the physical and psychological torture, family separation, separation from their homeland, children, wealth and homesteads. I listened in awe, thinking how powerful and resilient they were to be able to sustain themselves physically, spiritually and psychologically during such a horrendous and painful period in our global history.

Even in my sadness, I felt such a deep measure of appreciation for what they went through, so that I can not only be free, but enjoy the bountiful amount of choices I have daily. Our home, education, work, health, family, freedom, faith and so much more.

My slave ancestors and my dad left me a legacy of gratitude. In and through them, I have learned to be grateful for the small and big things in life. My father was the epitome of humility and gratitude.

I remind myself of their sacrifices and persistent prayers for me and the other generations of families to come after them. I remind myself who I am, and that I am here on purpose and on assignment. Part of my assignment is to complete some of the things that my dad and ancestors were not allowed or able to complete.

When my son was young and complained, I often reminded him of the richness of his life and the many blessings he has that many other children may never experience.

Although that small reminder was constant, I do not believe in his state of limited wisdom and maturity he understood the importance of gratitude.

It would be years later on a phone conversation, while he was in college, that the spirit of gratitude in him began to take hold. During that conversation, he thanked me for being a good mom.

We were a single parent household.

He told me that at his college he met many kids whose parents had little or no Involvement in their lives. He was experiencing a profound moment of gratitude, not over material possessions, of which he had enough of, but over my love for him, my support and prayers for him, and my constant presence in his life. He could feel the difference my involvement and support made.

Over the years to come, I would receive Mother’s Day, birthday, valentine’s day and Christmas cards with words of love and appreciation. He was maturing.

Today, he is well on his way with steadfast appreciation for the many blessings in his life. For this too, I and the spirit of my dad and ancestors are overwhelmed with gratitude.

Experiencing my son’s growth in the area of gratitude, reminds me of this thought-provoking quote:

“Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not; remember that what you now have was once among the things you only hoped for”.

– Epicurus

This quote speaks to my heart. It is a sound description of how the longing of my heart has been fulfilled, so I must not spoil the blessing.

In gratitude there is wisdom, and above all contentment, and peace.

Living in a “spirit” of gratitude, my son will continue to acquire wisdom, contentment, peace and the blessings that follow.

By: Sonia M. Wignall

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