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In December 2019, the novel Corona virus was first identified in a patient in Wuhan, China. That was just the beginning of an ongoing global pandemic which would now be known as COVID-19. Casualties have sadly been massive, and almost every country on the planet is experiencing a form of lockdown as a measure to curb the spread.

Ilario Tariello, an IT specialist and Elizabeth Franklin, a Writer have joined forces with support from Serena Tariello and Anna Franklin, both students to author an educative book primarily focused on how young readers can do their part to combat the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

What makes this book commendable is that, adult readers will still find this book valuable whilst the younger audience can simply understand what the book is aimed to do through interesting illustrations, code names, simple use of literature and creative writing skills.

The fight against COVID-19 is a global one where everyone is affected in more than one way. The e-book is therefore rightly dedicated to all the superheroes in the war; from healthcare professionals, governments, police, priests/pastors, essential service workers in places such as groceries, as well as individuals and businesses that have stepped out to help during this time of crisis. The main audience of this book; young readers are not left out.

The story starts with the reader in their “secret base”, enters a secret code on a secret website and gets clearance to receive the COVID OPS Training by the “Special Agents”.

The Special Agents provide an in-depth explanation on how to fight the “alien invasion”. To know the identities of the Agents and aliens, you simply need to download the free e-book from to follow the story.

The role of the Special Agents who are based in Italy and the US provide all the necessary information needed to protect one’s self from contracting the alien virus and spreading it. After that, Do It Yourself (DIY) instructions are given in the friendliest way making sure that readers take action to understand every information that has been explained during the Training Operation. Readers are now set to become their own super heroes in the fight!

As a resource guide to staying safe, the book ends with readers making a declaration to abide by the information and knowledge they have received.

This book comes in handy especially in times of an ongoing pandemic. The content material is easy to understand, with child friendly and colorful artwork which makes it appealing to the target audience. It is a book that can be finished under 30 minutes, and is conveniently translated in 37 languages to empower children to become superheroes in this time of crisis!

Visit to download your free copy today.

By: Theresa R. Fianko

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