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5 Proven Steps to Become A Profitable Social Media Manager Today

By: Julie Sylvia Kalungi

We are living in a highly digitized world where individuals, businesses and the society at large relies heavily on the use of technology in order to perform day to day activities. One of the tools that has changed how the world interacts in the last two decades is the presence of social media. For businesses, being profitable depends on the value they create in satisfying the needs of their clients and communicating these to them properly.

Julie Sylvia Kalungi has been a leading professional in the digital and social media marketing space for over eight years and counting. In addition to being a best- selling author and international speaker, she is also the Co-founder of Kalungi Group and a transformational coach for marketers and business owners.

In her latest book “Social Media Management for Dummies”, Julie shares with practising and would-be social media managers five proven steps to become profitable in their profession.

The fifty-page book is easy to read, well-illustrated and simple for anyone to understand. It not only serves as a guide, but also teaches you how to create a plan, initiate, scale up and become profitable in a business through social media best practices.

To quote directly from its content, after reading this book you should be able to:

“• Set up your Social Media Management business fast.

.• Think like your ideal clients and dial in who they are to attract them.

• Quickly create pricing packages that people want to pay for.

• Scale and amplify your business and multiply your sales to 5 figures per month.”

For individuals and businesses who are not sure whether to become social media managers themselves or to hire one, this book serves as your best bet to answer such questions.

Another great thing about the book is that it provides relevant links to other resources that can help readers understand the strategy discussed or even arrange consultations and join programs that would enable them to achieve their goals.

To validate the depth, clarity and professionalism by which Julie does her work, selected reviews are included from prominent personalities detailing the value gained by reading her material or connecting with her.

It is clear that at the end of reading the book you should be able to stay on track by connecting, creating and scaling up faster; definitely a quintessential basic guide to becoming a profitable social media manager or online business manager.

From someone who is thriving in the digital content space, this book comes highly recommended and I would personally encourage everyone to get a copy in addition to the many transformational material that Julie has written.

“Social Media Management for Dummies” is published by K-Web Social Designs; a digital marketing agency with social media expertise based in Liverpool, UK.

For more information about getting a copy of the book please visit Kalungi Group:

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Review by: Theresa R. Fianko

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