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The Croatian Diaspora Congress has called on the state leadership of its homeland to help Croats in Bosnia and Herzegovina vote in the upcoming general elections.

They have equally urged Croats in Bosnia and Herzegovina to garner interest in voting during the October 2, 2022 general election, in order to achieve equal status with the two other constituents in that country.

These and more were discussed during the Fifth Croatian Diaspora Congress, held under the auspices of Croatia’s Parliament and State Office for Croats Abroad, the Croatian National Assembly of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the City of Mostar. The event, which ended on July 2, 2022 was organised by Croatian associations around the world.

In a resolution adopted after the three-day meeting in Mostar, southern Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Congress said “we appeal to the Government, Prime Minister and President of Croatia to join forces in effectively contributing to the interests of Croats in Croatia and the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.”

Numerically, the largest community of Croats living outside the country reside in Bosnia and Herzegovina. There is therefore a risk that four times more Bosniaks electing a Croat member of the Bosnia and Herzegovina Presidency, and a third of Croatians would elect and control the government without the leading Croatian parties for which most Croats vote.

The Croatian Diaspora Congress called on the authorities in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina to reverse the negative demographic trends, because this could be achieved by boosting economic, and overall development.

The Congress also reiterated that the Croatian diaspora had a huge potential, calling on Croats within the country and also in Bosnia and Herzegovina to establish ties for the purposes of economic progress. It also called for the fostering of Croatian cultural and national identity, highlighting the important role of the Catholic Church in the process.

By: Theresa R. Fianko

Additional Information: Total Croatia News.

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