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We are almost halfway through the year, a time which provides a good opportunity for people to reflect and strategize for the next half in order to achieve their goals.

Just like ‘half-time’ during some sporting activities, it is time for team talk on how to go back stronger and win the game.

Mid-year presents a new season to pause, reflect and move forward. That is why I felt it was a good time to read Liz Franklin (MamaLiz)’s book – ‘Starting this Season Off Right.’

Liz wrote this book in January to guide readers on how to pause, consider and do things right in 2022; however, the content is relevant for the beginning of new seasons or chapters in one’s life.

She starts the book with a dedication to her daughter Anna Franklin in gratitude for “giving her the push to step out onto her dreams.”

Liz and Anna travelled to Denmark a day after Christmas 2021 on vacation and also to welcome the New Year. Everything seemed to be going well until covid reared its ugly head. At a point during the whole experience, Liz recounted finding herself in a situation where she “wanted to plan to live forever but act like it was her last day”, and shares more about overcoming obstacles in Denmark in the beginning chapters.

As inspirational as ever, Liz likens a new year to a new born baby whose arrival does not come with an instruction manual no matter how well planning happens. The journey of life requires you to pack light and carry only the essentials, just like travelling. By taking time to reflect, Liz teaches us how to unpack negative thoughts, clear the junk; find vision, ignite, sustain them and lay the trajectories once we are committed to a course or purpose.

The future is in front, and so there is no need to look back in ways to limit it. That is why she explains the importance of cutting ties with the past, hurt, and pain by pruning the dead things to enhance healthy growth, and forgiving yourself and others in order to move on.

And so, as you reflect, what impact are you making, and what legacy will you leave? The answer to these start from now, which is why we need to flee from discouragement, surround ourselves with the right people, get mentorship and seek direction on how to search inside to find what we seek to achieve, the book reveals.

Sometimes, it takes catastrophe to change and significant growth and transformation can happen in somewhat dead seasons of life. Liz shows us how to understand the process in order to embrace the gains by letting go of what is holding you back.

Also included in the book to bring home the points are practical and real-life examples of Liz’s own experiences and that of her daughter Anna’s.

Typical of all MamaLiz books, illustration is on point, with several spaces to write notes after each chapter making sure that your transformation process will be far advanced by the time you finish reading this book.

Starting this Season Off Right’ presents effective tools that will allow you to seamlessly put into practise all you have read, and set you back on track to pursue your dreams or purpose. It is indeed a time to reexamine your life and dreams.

After reading this book, you will emerge with a new identity and find your defining moment. How about properly aligning yourself with precision? Decide to live intentionally and influence people positively. Avoid distractions and capture the moments. Crawl forward if you are at that stage, and make each moment count. These are all critical lessons that can be learnt by reading Liz’s book.

Get a copy of ‘Starting this Season Off Right’, and let it be the turning point in your life.

Buy from Amazon here: STARTING THIS SEASON OFF RIGHT ,and don’t forget to leave a review on how the book has impacted you.

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Liz (MamaLiz) Franklin is a public speaker and author of over 30 books to inspire children, teens, and college students to achieve greatness with motivation, time, and success principles. She heads A Million Dreams for Kids and Teens, a non-profit to empower youth worldwide.
In the spring of 2020, Liz spearheaded an initiative to empower the world’s children in the battle against COVID-19 with a free e-book. It was translated into 25 languages and impacted children in 70 nations. In 2021, she released a series of nine more free covid-kids e-books.
Liz has been on different media platforms, and has been recognised in TOP 50 Most Impactful Influencers on LinkedIn for 2021, TOP 20 Impactful Hoinser Women 2022, A TOP Person Ambassador, America’s Top 2000 Women, World’s Who’s Who of Women, and many more.

Book Review by: Theresa R. Fianko

Image Attribution: Liz Franklin (MamaLiz).

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