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Improving functionality, style and appearance are some of the reasons why people renovate their homes. It is a decision most homeowners have to take every now and then.

Renovating has a way of bringing newness, comfort and liveliness to a house; providing enhanced safety, and also increasing the value of the property.

The first person to presumably speak to, after having a reason to renovate and knowing the details of what you want is a Project Contractor. In today’s business environments, remaining competitive correlates with providing best value services to the client.

When selecting a Contractor for renovations, two key factors to look out for is price and quality. The relationship between these two is critical in providing the best value for the Project Owner. Pricing considers the unit and total cost of materials, equipment, approvals, workmanship and general operating requirements of the project. The process of estimation covers this, and the budget of a client may be used to determine the entirety of what goes into pricing. Availability of funds is necessary for the success of any project, as it eventually determines the time of the project delivery.

Quality standards for every project should be held high by the Contractor and Project Owner because the result of a sub-standard project defeats the whole purpose of value. Quality should be ensured in the processes of procurement, workmanship, health, safety and technical standards, and the overall operations management of the project. Conforming to quality standards is vital in all areas of the planning, design and contract documentation. Quality requirements should be clear, it should also be verifiable and communicated to both parties from the beginning stage of the project till delivery.

Price and quality go hand in hand in determining the outcome of the renovation. An overpriced project where low-quality standards are practiced would result in sub-standard project delivery, which would lead to discontent and affect the brand. Eventually, this would garner a poor reputation for the Contracting company and damage its standing in the market. If there are monetary constraints in for a project, then quality is likely to suffer.

In order to minimize cost whilst ensuring quality, one of the first and important decisions to make is hiring the services of a Contractor who understands the business and leaves no room for quality to be compromised in any part of the process. They are likely to engage the services of highly skilled and professional staff who would follow through the entire process from the initial stage till delivery of the project.

Secondly, the Contracting company must be able to forecast any architectural, engineering plan, and specification changes likely to occur during the process and make provision for them within the budget.

In addition, once the project has been awarded, a communication channel should be created from enquiry, negotiation, estimation, design, operations till delivery to ensure that both the Contractor and Project Owner are on the same page all the time. This prevents unnecessary finger pointing and potential wastage of resources at any stage in the lifespan of the project.

Clearly, in order to ensure that your home renovation project turns out well, it is important to find a Company, a partner who understands your needs and works within a budget to achieve them. As professionals, they should be able to strike the balance between price and quality and should not compromise one for the other. That Company should be able to work within a realistic budget provided by the Project Owner to meet a certain level measure of quality needed to ensure success in the delivery process.

By: Theresa R. Fianko

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