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In our world today, having knowledge of different international languages can be very beneficial in helping people to communicate seamlessly. Online resources for learning come in handy for anyone who would like to have knowledge of additional languages without having to spend money for the same purpose.

Patrick Frick speaks German, English and Chinese fluently. Whilst in China, he wanted to build a community of Mandarin speakers to help him and others improve their proficiency in the language. He has since done this successfully, and currently has an active growing online community via LinkedIn.

“Duang” became a viral Chinese meme and popular hashtag on Sina Weibo in March 2015. This was after the famous Actor, Jackie Chan mentioned it in a shampoo commercial. It is widely accepted to mean something ‘cool’ or ‘having a special effect’. Adding two and two together, it is easy to understand why Patrick chose “Duang Mandarin” as the title of the book. Navigating through the e-book page by page, the illustration and themes used makes learning Mandarin simple and delightful.

It takes the reader under an hour to complete the sixty- five-page e-book. There is a popular school of thought which suggests that it takes twenty-one days of repeated action to form a habit. Reading Duang Mandarin at least twice a day will help the serious language learner express themselves comfortably in basic Mandarin words and expressions.

For someone who lived in China and interacted with local people, Patrick understands the culture and so he chooses the most widely used expressions in Mandarin. He includes useful topics such as “how to build if sentences and comparisons.”

Duang Mandarin is recommended especially for expats who may need to find their way around. From common expressions used when trying to get information on family, finding accommodation, shopping, public places, sports, travel, money, complimenting people, to even negotiating are all covered in the book. Did you know that one of the best ways to endear yourself to Chinese people, especially street vendors in a humoristic way is by using the phrase “money is no problem, the problem is no money” when dealing with them? Its Mandarin equivalent is “钱不是问题,问题是没钱”. Interesting isn’t it? Follow and reach out to Patrick Frick on LinkedIn and he would be happy to send you a copy of Duang Mandarin 2020 for free. You’ll also get amazing content by following him on Social Media as he focuses on teaching and supporting people through LinkedIn, by combining language as well as business advice for China.

About the Author

Patrick is a tri-lingual (Chinese, English, German) International Sales Manager with deep intercultural understanding both in B2B and B2C Sales of high-tech products and services. His key skills are sales management, business development and marketing, specialized in Asian markets. He has worked in Germany, South Korea and China and this allows him to move confidently in the APAC region to drive sales and develop sustainable and independent teams.

By: Theresa R. Fianko

Image Credit: Patrick Frick (LinkedIn)

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