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Christmas is that time of the year where most people look forward to spending time with family and friends; as well as showing love and spreading cheer. Hugs, exchange of gifts and pleasantries never runs out as people from all walks of life take a break to enjoy the holidays. The year 2020 has been a different kind of year globally owing to the ‘alien’ Coronavirus that plagued the world.

Most children look forward to Christmas all year round and it is a special time for them. This year however, things have changed and the way the season is celebrated will have to conform with the restrictions that have come to stay due to the COVID-19 global pandemic.

Our favourite children’s author Liz Franklin, affectionally known as MamaLiz is giving children around the world a treat during this season with a free e-book titled “The Year COVID Tried To Steal Christmas.” It is dedicated to all young people globally who fought through and won.

The well-illustrated e-book is written around ‘Sarah’ the lead character who recounts the things she has lost due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, especially in relation to family and friends. After having a dream, her worst fears of losing out on Christmas due to pandemic is debunked by her mother.

Her joy is unspeakable when she sees the first sign of Christmas, which you’ll have to download the e-book to find out what. Soon, everything seems to fall in place as she is able to do some of the old things she’s used to once again including lots of Christmas surprises.

Eventually, she learnt the essence of love and kindness during the Christmas period. Although she had to be indoors most of the time because of restrictions, this turned out to be Sarah’s best Christmas ever, and COVID-19 couldn’t steal that from her regardless. Why? Download “The Year COVID Tried To Steal Christmas” to find out answers to this question and more.

This e-book authored by Liz Franklin and edited by Anna Franklin is specially made for children this Christmas, in a year that has been tough for a lot of families. It is a 33-page book, easy to read, with fantastic illustrations set to excite every child who reads it. To download “The Year COVID Tried To Steal Christmas” and any of Liz Franklin’s books, kindly visit:

Review by: Theresa R. Fianko

Image used with the full permission of: Liz Franklin

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