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As a consultancy closely aligned with evidence-based research and diaspora humanitarianism, Shabaka is playing a pivotal role in building up socio-economic and political progress with the desire of fighting injustice.

Shabaka is a research-led diaspora organisation with a mission of facilitating the diasporas’ role in strengthening humanitarian preparedness, response and recovery.

By connecting, collaborating and innovating with stakeholders Shabaka has partnered with various governments, private and public organisations, in addition to networks with the intent of amplifying and enhancing diaspora engagement and impact.

The team at Shabaka mainly focuses on humanitarian policies, diaspora engagement, development cooperation, migration, diaspora data and advocacy. They have conducted high impact research in locations such as Lebanon, Nepal, Nicaragua, Ukraine, Sudan, Zambia, Zimbabwe, DR Congo, Nigeria, US, UK and other areas across Europe and the Horn of Africa.

As a values-driven consultancy, Shabaka also provides professional consultancy services to corporate, NGO, community and government sectors. These include research and training on diaspora, migration, protection and humanitarian action.

Shabaka’s 2020 Year in Review document which talks about the work and focal team of the organisation states that:  

“We pride ourselves on our connections within diaspora communities and influence on advocacy platforms alongside our quantitative and qualitative data methodologies. This combination facilitates access to rich data which we analyse and disseminate via research papers, policy briefings and podcasts on diasporas, migration and humanitarian issues. The Shabaka team have expertise across a range of fields including diaspora groups, migration, human rights, humanitarian action, policy advocacy, and cultural studies emphasising national and cultural identity formation, refugee finance, refugee debt, diaspora finance, transnationalism and civic activism. Shabaka is also able to draw on a diverse, multi-lingual staff base. Members of its team and consultants are fluent in Arabic, Amharic, Kiswahili, French, Turkish, Russian, chiShona, Spanish, Portuguese and English.”

In its recent work, Shabaka in collaboration with the EU Global Diaspora Facility (EUDiF) launched a report with findings of their research on diaspora engagement in times of crisis.

For more information and queries about their consultancy and research work, kindly contact Shabaka:

By: Theresa R. Fianko

Additional Information: Shabaka Website

Image Credit: Photo by fauxels from Pexels

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