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The African Diaspora, also known as the sixth region of Africa has officially launched its flag at an event in Accra, Ghana.

During the historic launch on the 2nd of February 2022 at the W.E.B. DuBois Centre in the country’s capital, the message of recognizing the significance of the global African diaspora community; as well as the importance of encouraging their active participation in the continent was re-echoed.

The new flag represents a tangible identity; a confirmation of the diaspora being embraced as part of the continent.

It was a well-attended event which saw representatives of the diplomatic corps, officials of government agencies, traditional leaders and the diaspora community.

The Deputy CEO of Ghana Investment Promotion Centre, Yao Amoateng Afriyie noted that the diaspora community’s patronage has increased in the country since the ‘Year of Return’ in 2019.

Rocky Dawuni, a Grammy award nominee spoke about the need for Africa to move forward with all its ‘moving parts’ which include the diaspora. He also acknowledged the vision of the continent and country’s forebearers; and their role in integrating Africa with its global diaspora.

The flag, which features the map of Africa in green with yellow stars within each region of the continent has a sixth yellow star nestled near Central and West Africa; representing the diaspora region.

Its creator, a development architect explained the concept at the official launch. “The flag, which is first and foremost coming to pose as a source for our identity is also going to give direction. We should know that this whole trajectory began from the 1900s with all the pan African movements form near and far. It has then metamorphized into today where we can visualize and see a singular symbol which has the African map as its backdrop. We now have the diaspora coming from around the world which has been described as a global village.”, he said.

In 2003, the African Union named the African Diaspora as the ‘sixth region’ of the continent.

By: Theresa R. Fianko

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