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The journey of pregnancy and bringing forth life is supposed to be an exciting one that expectant parents look forward to. Regrettably, it is a time of sorrow for many mothers who mainly for financial reasons are unable to go home with their newborns. It is sad to know that for most of these women, mainly single parents or from underprivileged homes cannot even afford to buy food; an unfortunate situation that affects the health and well-being of mother and baby.

When a few mothers in this kind of situation contacted the Diaspora Digital Foundation for help, we were saddened by the kind of details they revealed to us. We are of the firm belief that no mother should go through this kind of stress right after bringing life into the world. Also, no newborn should be welcomed to the world into extreme hunger.

In line with supporting the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) Number three’s target for Good Health and Wellbeing, Diaspora Digital Foundation is initiating a charity drive to raise funds to supports these mothers and newborns by:

  • Relieving them of accumulated medical bills so that they and their newborns can be discharged from hospital.
  • Providing support in terms of food, healthcare, and with their basic needs until the mothers are fit to return back to their jobs/livelihoods.
  • Providing healthcare and other basic needs to newborns.
  • General public education on issues relating to motherhood.

We will need the help of our audience and all members of the public to enable us offer the needed support for mothers and their newborns to be discharged from hospital.

Currently, we have made contact with two leading hospitals in Accra-Ghana and started the project on pilot basis. We hope to extend it to other parts of Ghana, Africa and the world.

This year has been tough, but your donation can help put smiles on the faces of underprivileged families especially this festive season.

To support our efforts by donating to a worthy cause kindly email to:

Thank you for your kind donation, and for paying it forward!

By: Diaspora Digital Foundation

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