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By Sonia M. Wignall, with editorial contribution from Ludlow E. Bailey

The country of Nigeria continues to lead in the delivery of creatives that bring to the market exceptional talent, vision and artistic innovation.

Henry Unuigboje was born in Lagos, Nigeria. He is a gifted multi-dimensional artist with a passion for painting and sculpting.

Unuigboje’s bold, and iconic art style is trending in the global African Diaspora Landscape. His energy, creative and sculpting talents could comfortably be on display at Art Basel, or gracing the walls of major galleries or museums specializing in modern or contemporary African art
Working from studio space in Lagos, Nigeria, Unuigboje’s work is rooted in cultural identity, black essence, individualism, style, and innovation. He has mastered the ability to move from painted contemporary caricatures to historical sculptured elements while maintaining a deep connection and representation of his Nigerian roots. His paintings are strong yet versatile in their appeal and aesthetic in their deliverance.
He is a naturally born gifted artist, who has worked hard to develop his visual art craft. He studied at the “School of Art & Industrial Design, Auchi Polytechnic, Auchi NIgeria.

His work has been exhibited at the “Life in My City, Lagos State Chapter” and the “Sculptors Associations of Nigeria, 2021”. His work can also be found in some private collections globally.

For more information contact:, 786.290.7359 (US) or visit

By: Sonia M. Wignall

****Images used with full permission of Ludlow E. Bailey


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