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Showcasing the mastery of Nigeria’s creatives is the outstanding work of Master Artist Clinton Ogunshola.

Absolute mastery describes the stunning work of Nigerian Artist, Clinton Ogunshola.  

The immeasurable breadth of his talent shows deeply in his work based on his mastery of refined brush strokes, light and texture.

His magnificent use of color composition is balanced with an elegant style and a captivating undertone that is absolutely breathtaking. A perfect example of his genius is reflected in the opening piece, “Transformation 1” that is illustrated in this article. His mastery of art diversity and color contrasting, demonstrates a depth of vision, creativity and substance in his delivery that allows him to reach way beyond what one might expect from such a young talent. 

The magnificent quality of his work is illuminated by his attention to details, such as body contour, skin color, hues, clothing, facial lines, and expressions, eyes, lips, mouth, cheeks and other personal details creates an impressive realism in his figurative work. 

Culturally Ogunshola goes deep into historical references to capture and paint the social and artistic nuances of his characters. His work is profound, humble and culturally creative. His work creates astounding references to the historical and cultural diversity of life in his native Nigeria. His characters are substantive, intense, bold and articulate the esthetic beauty, diversity and spiritual depth of Nigeria life and history. 

 Ogunshola studied art at the famed “Federal Polytechnic of Ilaro, Ogun State” School in Nigeria. He also trained as an IT student under the leadership of Mr Olaku the Universal Studios of Art, Lagos Nigeria. His work has been on exhibition at different art shows in Nigeria

Clinton Ogunshola is considered to be among Africa’s young rising creatives. He is definitely an important artist to follow.

For more information contact:, 786.290.7359 (US) or visit

By: Sonia M. Wignall

****Images used with full permission of Ludlow E. Bailey


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