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“When everybody is doing their piece and we bring it together, that’s how we get success.”

H. E. Ambassador Dr. Erieka Bennett

In 2007, the first and only diplomatic Mission dedicated to the African Diaspora was founded, and headquartered in Accra, Ghana.

H. E. Ambassador Dr. Erieka Bennett is the Convening Founder and Head of Mission of the Diaspora African Forum (DAF).

Having traveled and lived in Africa for over 45 years H.E. Amb. Bennett has devoted her work which includes being a motivational speaker, author, and seasoned diplomat to becoming the bridge between Africa and its diaspora.

Known for her dynamic, generous, and positive life, she is also recognized globally for her tremendous charitable contributions, and being the benefactor of several children’s causes. That is why she lives life in a way that gives room for no excuses, with her motto being “we create our world.”

Her work in promoting Diaspora Affairs, has earned her a number of awards globally, including the most recent – ‘The US Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award’ and the ‘International Distinguished Leadership Award 2022’, bestowed upon her by President Joseph Biden at the National Press Club, Washington DC on September 29, 2022, for her outstanding contributions and works in the United States as well as Africa.

H.E. Amb. Bennett’s award portfolio also include distinguished recognitions such as the African Global Leadership Award in London, the Trumpet Awards in the United States of America, the Pan African Women of Excellence Awards in South Africa, the Visionary Leadership Award in Washington, D.C., the Africa Woman of the Year in Ghana, Women in Entrepreneurship Honoree in Ghana, Envoy of Peace from the World Voices of Peace in Ghana, and an award for her excellent work in bridging the gap between the African Diaspora and Africa at the Aje Festival in Nigeria.

In addition to being a trusted Advisor to ECOWAS, and serving on the Advisory Counsel of the Past President of Ghana, she has been an informal trusted Advisor to several Presidents as well. She counsels a virtual “Who’s Who in Africa” list of clients including Heads of State, Ministers, Ambassadors and prominent businessmen regularly.

H.E. Amb. Bennett is also the Co-Chair of the African Women of Excellence Awards scheme which recognizes and honors African women, and women of African descent for their outstanding contribution to the struggle for freedom, development, and peace in social, political, and economic spheres.

In February 2024, the American Bible University in Accra, Ghana conferred an Honorary Doctorate Degree to H.E. Amb. Bennett, in recognition of her good works.

 Through the Diaspora African Forum, H.E. Amb. Bennett has been instrumental in setting up its historic and first ever U.S. office in partnership with Houston Mayor, Sylvester Turner.

H.E. Amb. Bennett is the President of African Communications Agency (ACA) which convenes a yearly media summit that deals with the image of Africa. The ACA under Dr. Bennett’s direction was partially responsible for the creation and launching of the Inside Africa Show, one of CNN’s most popular shows. The ACA was also the first communications agency that represented CNN in Africa.

She believes that the media has a very important role in changing the narrative about Africa, and to really engage the diaspora in a serious way.

H.E. Amb. Bennett continues to blaze the trail in integration, and bridging the gap between the African continent and its diaspora. She remains a global inspiration to many who cannot help but admire her resilience, strength, intelligence, gracefulness, and forward thinking nature.

Source: Diaspora African Forum (DAF).

Image Attribution: Diaspora African Forum (DAF).

Edited by: Theresa R. Fianko.