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Humanitarianism requires an approach which involves the whole of society; and diasporas who are typically fast responding stakeholders need to be part of these systems. In order to have great impact and sustainable solutions, we need to collaborate and work together towards similar goals in providing humanitarian assistance to those in need.

To be more operational in humanitarian relief, processes such as mapping have to be done to be able to have data on who is doing what in the space. Doing this will also create links on the ground in places where the reliefs are being sent.

This is why the role of organizations such as the Diaspora Emergency Action & Coordination (DEMAC) is relevant in the diaspora.

For years now, DEMAC has been working in the role of strengthening diaspora engagement and response through humanitarian relief. It has also been creating a more inclusive humanitarian system working to achieve the best response.

DEMAC has come out with its latest report titled “Diaspora Organizations and their Humanitarian Response in Somalia”. Its study was made possible through the support of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), with content by the Danish Refugee Council on behalf of DEMAC.

Somalia is a country that has been engulfed in crisis and natural disasters since 1992. According to the DEMAC report, as of 2021 nearly 6 million Somalis are in need of humanitarian assistance. Somalia has an active diaspora that provides rapid support, mainly via remittances to families, clans and communities.

The report examines the diaspora humanitarian response, motivation and activities involved, coordination and implementation, financing and selection criteria. It also provides an overview of diaspora transparency and accountability, gaps and challenges, as well as the future of diaspora response and engagement in Somalia. Recommendations are also provided.

To get information on the full details of the report, kindly DOWNLOAD HERE.

DEMAC has the aim of:

  • Enhancing knowledge between diasporas and humanitarian institutions,
  • Increasing awareness on diasporas humanitarian intervention, and
  • Improving coordination, communication and coherence of humanitarian response.

Get more information about DEMAC, and access their resources HERE.

By: Theresa R. Fianko

Additional Information: Diaspora Emergency Action & Coordination (DEMAC)

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