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The role of Media in bridging the communications gap in diaspora engagement has been acknowledged, but not effectively utilised. Traditionally known mass communication mediums have been complemented in this digital era by omnichannel platforms with avenues such as online magazines, mobile apps, blogs, podcasts, data directories and so on.

Lack of data as a result of little or no mapping, zero awareness about organisations and initiatives; have all led to selective engagement which does not empower most diasporas in times of crisis.

Digitisation has been heightened by the impact of COVID-19, and global diasporas have to take advantage of the innovative tools it provides for development. How can it help promote initiatives, provide data, access funds and even reward excellence within diaspora communities?

Routed Magazine and iDiaspora recently published an e-book on “Empowering Global Diasporas in the Digital Era.” The e-book is co-authored by Diaspora Digital News’ Theresa R. Fianko where she examines breaking diaspora engagement barriers through effective media communications. It also provides practical examples of organisations and distinguished individuals who are contributing to the diaspora engagement agenda by leveraging digital media.

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