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Book Review: Work after Furlough

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected every area of life, changing how we live and think forever. At the height of the global crisis, organisations and business had to make critical decisions as they faced restrictions that came along with the pandemic. Furloughs and layoffs were inevitable and several employees had to deal with these, albeit unprepared.

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Alison, the preferred online learning platform as the world embraces a new academic normal

In our fast-paced world where everything is on the move, having convenience and access to everyday needs is key. Technology is dictating the pace; being equipped with information, and getting knowledge, should be an easily accessible tool for everyone.The world is transitioning more and more into the digital age, and almost everything is possibly done online. The education and learning sectors have not been left out in this trend and…

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Ilario Tariello, A Heart as Big as His Discoveries

Today, Elizabeth Franklin had the pleasure of sitting down with one of the most innovative IT geniuses in the world, Ilario Tariello. He has pioneered the most cutting-edge ideas in every area of IT, delivering amazing Software Systems in many industries: Media, Retail, Banking, Aerospace, Defense, Automotive, Rail, and Electromedical.

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Haitians around the World observe Flag Day 2020

Haitian Flag Day is commemorated on May 18 every year. Celebrations for the 217th edition have been cancelled this year, as Coronavirus cases continue to increase in Haiti and around the world. Haitians still observed their special day with activities that were not in violation with the current COVID-19 restrictions.

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Book Review: Time 2 Thrive – College Edition

The months of May and June each year are scheduled times for most American colleges and universities to hold their graduations. It is a period of celebration for graduating students and parents who come together to see the reward of their labour. The anticipated gathering is not to be for the graduating class of 2020, because of lockdown restrictions instituted to curb the spread of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

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5 ways to show concern for others during COVID-19 pandemic

Just like every new year, people all around the globe had high hopes when the clock ticked into 2020. The first five months of the year already feels like a decade, considering the myriad of events which have unfolded before our very eyes. Chief amongst them is the COVID-19 pandemic which has taken the whole world by storm.

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Book Review: Home-made Duang Mandarin e-book

In our world today, having knowledge of different international languages can be very beneficial in helping people to communicate seamlessly. Online resources for learning come in handy for anyone who would like to have knowledge of additional languages without having to spend money for the same purpose.