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Solomon Cutler is an experienced Wealth Manager, Entrepreneur and Author who grew up in Venice, CA and moved to San Diego after joining the Marine Corps. He later relocated to Hong Kong.

He has been involved in many community life enrichment projects in addition to being an advocate for Volunteering. Solomon talks to us about life growing up, and his ‘PACE Program.’

Humble Beginnings

“Getting to where I am now has been no easy task. Growing up, there were times that I had to live in mission houses and periods during high school where I had to sleep in cars and low-cost motels just to survive. I made the decision at eleven years old that my current situation at the time would not dictate what I could accomplish with my life. Although I grew up in what could be considered as very poor and under the worst conditions at times, I made it a point to design the life I wanted to live; a decision that I still stand by till this day.”

Interests and Activities

Solomon is a United States Marine Corps Veteran, a Serial Entrepreneur and importantly a family man. He is involved in many Public Speaking engagements and currently writing his second book: Unorthodox Parenting. In addition to being a professional with a strong finance background, Solomon holds a Master’s degree focused in Religion/Religious Studies from the Five Fold Theological University.

Business and ‘The PACE Program’

“I was able to initiate the next portion of my strategic plan by forming a business relationship with the Kevin Harrington Team. Kevin Harrington is a well-known American entrepreneur and business executive who is also a remarkable talent. He is one of the original members of the Shark Tank, and the creator of the Infomercial. His legendary work behind-the scenes of business ventures has produced well over $5 billion in global sales, the launch of more than 500 products, and the making of dozens millionaires.

He is the reason why my current project is being launched, and garnering the attention that it’s getting. ‘The PACE Program’ was birthed out of my experiences, determination, and from my desire to help people create the best version of themselves. The PACE Program was created to help business coaches, motivational speakers, public speakers, seminar hosts, and aspiring leaders to sustain and build their brand whilst creating a healthy annual income.

The program is divided up into 3 Parts; Awareness, Change and Evolve. The first portion of the program deals with specific components which causes the participant to dig deep and reach for a greater sense of awareness about themselves. Change is strategically composed of a variety of experiential exercises, one on ones, and group activities. It pushes the participant to realize that there are certain areas that need to change in order to experience a more full and purposeful life. The final module Evolve, opens up the participant to experiencing the greatness that they possess inside. Its fulfillment is accomplished by giving back.”

Solomon Cutler (Right) with Kevin Harrington (Left)

“The material for the program is easy-to-follow yet impeccably designed; and it will effortlessly fit into many existing systems.”

Follow Solomon Cutler on LinkedIn to learn more about his programs and upcoming activities.

By: Theresa R. Fianko & Solomon Cutler

Images Credit: Solomon Cutler

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