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A dedication to the Children of India and Peru

India is the world’s second most populous country, and this makes them highly represented in several diaspora communities as well. Currently, India is witnessing a second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic and the crisis has had a devastating effect on the people and economy of the South East Asian country.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, more than 1.8 million have been infected and more than 64 thousand people have died because of COVID-19 in Peru giving them the highest rate of deaths per million people in Latin America.

There continues to be an outpouring of love and show of concern across the world as we hope to see an end to this pandemic.

In solidarity with the children of India and Peru, Liz Franklin is out with her latest book: “COVID Runs Wild – Training a Tiger Virus (Puma lloviendo un virus).”

She starts with a dedication to “all the children who use safe COVID practices to help keep their communities safe” and describes them as “mighty COVID tiger trainers!”

In the seventeen-page book, the new strain of viruses that keeps ‘prowling’ is described as a “man-killing tiger/puma on the loose” which needs to be tamed. Read how Sarai illustrates we not letting our guards down and getting our COVID fighting tools and tactics ready. Download “COVID Runs Wild – Training a Tiger Virus (Puma lloviendo un virus)” for free to get the full details on how you can train and tame this “tiger/puma.”

With the virus rampant in India and Peru Liz Franklin, affectionally known as MamaLiz wants to get something that would speak to children especially within these countries. Being a celebrated children’s Author, Liz is on point with her illustrations as usual in this book too.

Read other books in the series to know more about how the journey has been for children before and after COVID-19 was declared a pandemic globally.

“COVID Runs Wild – Training a Tiger Virus (Puma lloviendo un virus)” is out in English and Hindi with Bengali, Telugu, and Tamil all coming for up India, plus Spanish being heavily distributed in Peru.

Apart from being a celebrated Author, Liz has been recognized in several Who’s Who in the past, including America’s Top 2000 Women. Liz co-authored a free e-book initiative during the COVID crisis in 2020, with Anna Franklin, Ilario and Serena Tariello. The book “COVID OPS 1- A Superheroes Guide to Defeating Viruses” was translated into 20 languages and distributed to 70 plus countries. Liz also authored COVID OPS 2- A Mission of Kindness, COVID OPS 3- Going Back Out into the World, The Year COVID Tried to Steal Christmas, SARAH GOES BACK TO SCHOOL- Is It Safe with COVID?, SARAH’S SCHOOL IS CLOSED- Can I Learn Online?, and COVID RUNS WILD- Training a COVID Virus.

To see and read all of Liz’s books, kindly visit:

Book Review by: Theresa R. Fianko

Image Credit: Liz Franklin

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