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“All is well that ends well.” In the month of November 2020, all attention was on the Albanian and Kosovo diaspora as they made their voices heard collectively in all areas of their country’s development from Advocacy, Diplomacy, Philanthropy, Human Capital, Education, Business and Investment.  

Diaspora Flet 2020 lasted three days, with twenty-four sessions, and over fifty panel members who shared their knowledge, experiences and ideas on how members of the diaspora can impact positively on their countries of origin.

The Conference, which was held virtually from 19th to 21st of November 2020 saw Panel Members and Moderators of the diaspora from all walks of life such as Corporate Professionals, Academics, Sports People, Entertainment Personalities, Diaspora Experts, Politicians, and Diplomatic Community Members; all successful in their respective fields of expertise.

Diaspora Flet 2020 was opened in grand style with Ms Atifete Jahjaga, the Former President of Kosovo being the Keynote Speaker. She spoke about her diplomatic roles and her advocacy for social issues which affects the Kosovo society as well as its diaspora. Day one also saw a discussion of “Table Stories”, a film by Eroll Bilibani and Samir Karahoda who brought more elaboration on the project which has successfully penetrated into the international market. There were also other panel discussions on Advocacy and Diplomacy.

Day two of the Conference had sessions focused on Business and Investment. Topics tackled by the discussion panel included Socio-Economic Impact of Covid-19, Local Investments and Market Relations, and also Technology, Innovation and Contracting Exterior. In order to encourage more people to get involved, participants with tickets for Day two of the Conference qualified and were given free access to the final day!

The third and final day of Diaspora Flet 2020 saw panel discussions centred around Human Capital and Education. Discussions were held on Albanian language and heritage, Diaspora’s Economic Engagement and Philanthropy, Benefits of Getting Education and American Diploma in Kosovo, Investment and Financing in Real Estate-Kosovo Market, Rejection of Cultural Activities in the Diaspora, Utilization of Potential in promoting development, as well as Remittances.

The biggest surprise came at the conclusion of the conference with a Fireside Chat featuring Erion Veliaj, the Mayor of Tirana and Rita Ora, Singer/Songwriter of international repute who are all members of the diaspora.

For anyone who might be wondering how the diaspora of two countries have been able to collaborate so effectively for success the answer is simple; the Albanian diaspora has been the epicenter of initiatives that’s had a major impact on Kosovo’s development.

Without Diaspora Engagement, it is hard to tap into resources and expertise of members of the international community in connecting them to their countries of origin. This is why the efforts of Diaspora Flet 2020 organizers; Germin and the Global Albanians Foundation has to be commended and supported globally for their initiatives in driving Diaspora Engagement.

For information on how to support the work of Germin, please visit this link:

For information on how to support the work of the Global Albanians Foundation, please visit this link:

By: Theresa R. Fianko

Image Attribution / Additional Information Source: The Diaspora Flet 2020 Conference

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