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Zidicircle and SNV are hosting the Green – Diaspora Venture Backers Programme..

The program is aimed at equipping aspiring investors, both from the diaspora and Ghana  with the knowledge and skill to invest in startups and SMEs. Within eight weeks, starting 6th April 2022 to 8th June 2022, the investor will learn the basics of investing in startups, evaluating ventures, and the deal-making process.

After completing the training, the newly trained angel Investors  start investing through the Diaspora Investments Coop (a member-driven special purpose investment vehicle)  that allows the investors to to invest collectively and reduce the risks. In the past, the diaspora have experienced trust issues, hindering them from growing in their home countries, this investment structure removes this barrier.

The programme is also attended by professionals with diverse expertise who become advisors to the startups they invest in. This also creates great networking opportunities to interact with other investors.

The goal for the program is to encourage more investments into Ghana’s GrEEn startups and SMEs who need the funding.To achieve this goal, SNV has incubated a pool of GrEEn startups and SMES who are well vetted and prepared to receive investments. 

First time investors often struggle to adequately evaluate their investments. The program will therefore give them tools and confidence to invest directly and safely into an already vetted pool of startups and SMEs.

Investing through a Special Purpose Investment Vehicle

Investors who choose to invest in selected startups and SMEs collectively will do so through the Diaspora Investments Coop, which is a member-driven special purpose investment vehicle. 

The Diaspora Investments Coop enters into investment agreements with startups or small and medium-sized businesses as an investor for and on behalf of the venture backer who has decided to invest in the business concerned. The beneficial ownership from those investments lies with the members. Learn more about the Diaspora Investments Coop here:   

Who Can Join the Green Venture Backers Programme?

The program is targeting aspiring Green Angel Investors from  the diaspora, Ghana or internationally seeking to invest in Ghana’s green economy. Other qualities includes;

  • Have business or professional experience.
  • Have a strong interest in developing skills and experience as investors.
  • Be dedicated to changing the current funding ecosystem.
  • Be able to dedicate approximately two hours per week during the program.
  • Be ready to commit funds in first investments to selected ticket sizes.
  • Be willing to invest in Ghana’s green sector.
  • Be open to invest either individually or as a group.

The program will give aspiring investors in Ghana and the diaspora the opportunity to take part in entrepreneurship through a supportive role. The investors will also get to promote community capital which will allow more diverse entrepreneurs to access capital, and grow their businesses either abroad or in their country of origin.

This programme is part of the The GrEEn project,  a four-year action from the European Union, the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Ghana, SNV Netherlands Development Organisation, and the United Nations Capital Development Fund (UNCDF) and aims at creating greater economic and employment opportunities for youth, women, and returning migrants by promoting and supporting sustainable, green businesses in two selected regions in Ghana: the Ashanti and Western regions. Read more

Get additional details about the programme HERE.

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